Preventing Break-Ins

Most often, break-ins are a crime of opportunity and thieves make a split-second decision to choose a home to burgle. There are a few things you can do for your home before the opportunity arises for thieves.

– Install motion-triggered lights in dark areas around your home.

– Always lock windows that are accessible, this includes when you are away or sleeping.

– Store important documents in a safety deposit box.

– An alarm system can provide added protection against intruders.

Garages are the most common point of entry into the home. Vehicles, expensive toys and equipment are stored in this space and the structure makes it an easy target.

– Always lock the overhead door and man doors when you are away or sleeping.

– Install lights outside doors, for proper exposure after sunset.

– Use blinds to cover windows, so thieves can’t look in to the space.

There are a few things to do in the event of other incidents that can affect your garage and the rest of your property.

– If your garage faces a back alley, put your house number on the garage, so it is easy to find for emergency crews.

– Document all valuables, including serial numbers of vehicles, and take photos of valuables.