7 Ways to Win The Kitchen Staging Challenge

It is often said that the heart of the home, so when it comes to listing, your kitchen will need a little extra attention. The kitchen is probably the hardest room to stage because it is the most used room of the house. However, it is one of the most important rooms to ensure it is prepared properly to potential buyers.

Starting with a few simple tips, staging your own kitchen can be a very simple venture.

1. Declutter, don’t be afraid to be persistent. Items that don’t require regular use can be stored elsewhere in the kitchen.

2. Clear countertops, this gives the illusion of more space throughout the room.

3. Clean that sink. Make sure the sink can shine, there are specialized cleaners designed especially for sinks, even stainless steel.

4. Consider some upgrades. Cabinetry can show it’s age and make the kitchen look dated. Sometimes the fix is simple and can be inexpensive, as replacing hardware or a new countertop. Depending on the age, you may only require those small changes.

5. Cabinets, if your kitchen cabinets are showing their age it might be time to upgrade. However, if your cabinets are just outdated, but still in good shape they might just require re-painting or re-staining. This is a fast process that can save you a lot in time and money.

6. Appearance is everything. You would be surprised to see what a vase of fresh flowers on a table will do in photos.

7. Fake it until you make it. If you are limited on space for a kitchen table, try a small table with some stools, or place bar stools against an island or a counter. This can give potential buyers the ability to see that additional seating is available, even in a small space.